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Alloy Descaling

Photo above shows as-annealed (left), Kolene conditioned (middle) and pickled (right) 316 stainless steel strip

Kolene® offers numerous options for conditioning and descaling the tenacious oxides formed on stainless steels and superalloys during thermal processing.  By chemically converting these oxides to more reactive and soluble forms, downstream processing can be dramatically improved:

• better pickling performance - faster with cooler, more dilute acids 
• less base metal loss - results from thinner oxides and milder acid conditions
• increased quality and productivity - less pitting and faster throughput

Effective on all shapes and forms, including continuous A&P lines for strip, long goods and shapes, and batch processing of wire coils.  In addition to oxide conditioning, our processes are also reactive with lubricant residues such as graphite and molybdenum disulfide and solidified glass lubricants common on extrusions and forgings.

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